Interactive operas starring marionettes:     

Serenata Escapes introduces children to the world of opera through fun interaction, narration in English, and  spectacular staging.  The protaganists of the operas are one metre tall marionettes, created especially for the shows. They are one act operas with a duration  of approximately 50 minutes. The narrator provides a link between the show and the audience so that children participate during the entire performance. With the flexible format of these productions we have performed in schools, camps and theatres throughout Spain. Designed for the family, recommended for children and adults alike.

Available Operas:


Bastien & Bastienne  by Mozart

Bastien & Bastienne, an opera performed with marionettes, was premiered by Serenata in Alfredo Kraus Theatre, Madrid and has travelled throughout the Comunidad de Madrid, Marbella, Auditorio de Leon as well as Palma de Mallorca. Storyline:  A young shepherdess, Bastienne, is in love with a young shepherd, Bastien.  Bastienne suspects Bastien is unfaithful and seeks Colas´help.  With the counsel of Colas, the wise man of the village, and a bit of "magic", the young lovers reject their feelings of jealousy and pride and proclaim their love to one another. Duration:    50 minutes Format:  One act interactive opera.  Narrator guides the audience throughout the show explaining the acts and requesting the participation of the young audience from beginning to end. Music:  Live.  Soprano, Tenor and Bass.  Pianist accompaniment. More technical information

Amahl & the Night Visitors by Menotti

One meter high marionettes and live music
Serenata´s rendition of this contemporary opera was premiered in Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid. Storyline: Format:  One act opera.  50 minutes. Cast consists of 3 puppeteers, 6 singers and pianist. Technical information