Private Teacher

English ESCAPE offers flexible, effective and fun English for students of all ages.

Private classes

At EnglishESCAPE we know EVERYONE can learn English. If you find English difficult, it is because your teacher is not adapting the language to your learning style. Our qualified teachers have years of experience presenting the language in an easy format so that you can SPEAK and UNDERSTAND English. If you have a learning disability, we have teachers specialised in tutoring students with dyslexia and other challenges.

Benefits of a private teacher:

• Our teachers can identify how the student learns best and adapt the teaching method accordingly.
• The curriculum is designed exclusively for your needs and according to your interests.
• You choose time, day and location

Fees for classes within M-30 zone :
1 or 2 students: 30 euros / hour
3 or more students: 12 euros / hour

For information please email: