Playschool is a flexible alternative English program for children ages 3 to 6.
The curriculum is based on play, encouraging independence and reinforcing self esteem.
Children have stations were they learn at their pace and interact in a relaxed learning environment.  Our curriculum is adapted to each group, so there is a very personalised education.  Our native teaching staff facilitates the concepts and then allows each child to explore them and reach their full potential according to their learning style.


· ABCs & 123s
·  Animal Lovers
·  Creative Expression
· Excursions to Retiro Park
·  Textures
·  Free Play

Healthy Food Workshop
150€ month

Mondays - Fridays


13:00 - 15:00

12 hours per week
380€ month

4 days


10:00 - 13:00

20 hours per week
420€ month

5 days


9:00 - 13:00


New Student fee: 200 euros Registration fee: prepay June´s tuition