After School Classes

Animal Lovers

Study a different animal each week! Learn to describe it, discuss its habitat and ask questions about its habits. Learn more vocab, practice grammar & talk, talk, talk. Mondays at 18:15



Break the barriers in your mind, put on your thinking cap and come up with new ideas and solutions each week. Great class for abstract thinkers! Jan-Mar 2020


Let´s make Science and English fun and learn about our universe as we practice speaking in a natural and fun environment. Jan-Mar 2020

Healthy Body

Come discover how your body works and how we can take good care of it. Thursdays 17:30

Little Readers

Using blending, Jolly Phonics and sight word cards, we introduce children to the wonderful world of reading in English. Wednesdays at 18:15


English Express

Practice speaking and listening in this intensive English program including songs, games, theatre and plenty of fun. Saturdays 11:30- 13:20


Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Elizabeth Magie, Grace Hopper are just a few of the inventors that we will study. Come think out of the box!


Using favourite childhood stories, we conquer the beast of communication, embarrassment. Children learn to play group and protagonist roles and develop their communication skills within a group. Wednesdays 18:15

Rhythm and Movement

The perfect way to introduce English in your child´s life. Come sing traditional songs, read stories and play as we listen to classical music. Mondays 17:30

PET preparation

Fun exercises and plenty of listening and speaking in this preparation course for the Cambridge exam, PET. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 17:30-18:45 VIP Program: Monday thru Thursday 17:30-18:45, 180€/month

Fairy Ballet

Children learn ballet basics and practice creative movement in the wonderful world of fairies. Wednesdays 17:30

English for ESO

ESO students prepare for the FIRST certificate with a fun and communicative approach. Mondays 19:00, Tuesdays 15:00, Thursdays 18:45 and Fridays 16:00


Children are introduced to the idea of anchoring themselves in the present. They will learn to pause and talk about their feelings. We will have fun excercises to practice different breathing techniques and how to detach from their emotions. Wednesdays 17:30

All Around the World

Each week students will study a different country and practice their English while they speak about the people, food and customs. Tuesdays 18:15


The most natural way to learn English: songs, games and stories. Children learn English organically. Tuesdays 17:30


In 45 minute sessions between 17:30h-18:15h and 18:15h-19:00h we offer  a series of FUN activities to encourage spoken English and language comprehension. Click here to see current CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES.


Children aged 3 to 8 years old can pay 150 euros per month (paid by trimester) and enjoy all the classes they desire from Monday - Thursday between 17:30-19:00h.  ONLY 2 spots left! Children aged 9 to 12 years old can pay 180 euros per month and enjoy classes Monday - Thursday between 17:30-18:45.