About us

• Who are we?•

We are a team of native English speaking educators with a passion for teaching. Since 2003 we have been teaching fun English classes through innovative ways. We work in a 100% English speaking environment. Our purpose is to encourage our students of all ages to learn our language organically.


• What method do we use? •

We have several programs based upon one overriding philosophy: learning is a source of enjoyment.  Our motto is: Students learn more while having fun.

• What do we offer? •

Playschool and Pre-preschool 


• Intensive English for babies 6 months - 6 years old


• Small groups (10:1) and native teachers


• Positive learning environment, fun curriculum


•  Free play, stimulating activities, creative expression

VIP after school classes


• Fun intensive English for ages 3 to 8


• Monday-Thursday 17:30-19:00


• Reduced class sizes, native teachers

After school classes


• Lunch time and afternoon sessions


• Animal Lovers, Theatre, Ancient Civilisations, Music


• Small classes, fun native teachers


• Flexible, creative and effective learning


Private classes


• All ages, group or individual options available


• Interviews, Telephoning, Finance, Marketing, Presentations


• Private teacher at your office or home


• First Certificate, Advance and PET preparation






Irish Escape Teens– students ages 15 to 18 years old prepare for FIRST and Advance exams in Galway, Ireland


Irish Escape – students ages 6-14 years old live with our teachers, go to camp with Irish children.


Urban Escape – day camps at EnglishESCAPE during the summer, school holidays and half term breaks.


Mini Escape – camps on long weekends in Oliva, Valencia.


USA Homestay – live with an American family in July.